Blow Molding Oil Drum Mould Maker

Conventional Portable Hand-Held Blow Molding Oil Drum Mould

Conventional Portable Hand-Held Blow Molding Oil Drum Mould


The mold consists of two halves, an upper and a lower half, which are designed to fit together precisely. The upper part is mounted on a trolley that can move up and down to open and close the mold. The bottom half of the mold is mounted on a base plate, which provides stability during the molding process. The mold is made of high-quality steel and carefully machined to ensure that the mold halves fit accurately. The inside of the mold is also carefully designed to ensure that the plastic material flows evenly and smoothly without any air pockets or other defects. The traditional portable hand-held blow molding oil barrel mold is designed for use with portable blow molding machines. The machine is usually small and light, making it easy to move and set up for production. The mold is attached to the machine with clamps that hold the mold in place during the forming process. The mold is designed to produce drums of a specific size and shape. This size and shape can be modified by changing the design of the mold. For example, a mold can be modified to produce oil drums of different sizes or shapes. This flexibility makes the mold a versatile tool for producing barrels.
Dunhai Mould Factory specializes in manufacturing all kinds of blow molding large-capacity oil barrel moulds, and provides professional customization suggestions for manufacturers in need.
It has many production lines and can accept custom orders for large quantities of molds, and the delivery time is guaranteed.

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Taizhou Dunhai Mould Factory is China plastic mould maker and plastic mold manufacturer specializing in wholesale production of injection moulds, plastic moulds, automobile plastic moulds, daily necessities moulds, logistics moulds and other moulds. As professional Conventional Portable Hand-Held Blow Molding Oil Drum Mould maker, we owns many production lines, and produces products for multiple industries at the same time. We also custom and OEM Conventional Portable Hand-Held Blow Molding Oil Drum Mould.

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