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Our company mainly customizes various styles of thin-walled lunch box moulds. The following is a detailed description of the manufacturing process of thin-walled lunch box moulds:
【mould steel】Thin-walled lunch box mould steel cavity & core is generally made of materials above H13 and S136 and needs high hardness mould steel, which can reach 50-55 degrees. If customers need better materials, we will purchase mould steel according to customer requirements.
【mould design software】The company uses UG, CAD, PRO/E and mould flow software, etc.
【mould processing equipment】Mainly are: radial drilling machine, flying knife grinder, gantry CNC milling, engraving machine tool, deep hole drilling machine tool, EDM machine tool, Haitian injection moulding machine for mould trial. The injection moulding machine models of thin-wall lunch box moulds are all 200T-500T equipment.
【mould ejection system】The ejection system of the thin-walled lunch box mould is ejected by the stripper plate and the air valve. Therefore, the stripper plate in the mould is a very important piece of material, which requires toughness while pursuing hardness.
【mould cooling system】For thin-walled lunch box moulds , the cooling quality of the mould determines the output of the thin-walled lunch box mould and therefore the unit price of the product. Generally, the moulding delivery time of this mould is about 5 to 6 seconds, and it is produced by using a high-speed injection moulding machine.
【mould gate system】The gates of the thin-walled lunch box moulds all use the hot runner dispensing port , and there are also needle valve hot runner gates that require the highest quality. This depends on the customer's choice.
【mould air vent system】mould air vent is also very important. If the air vent don't make good, it is easy to have poor air vent, especially for thin-walled lunch box moulds , because it is a high-speed production, so air vent must be done well.
【mould steel hardness treatment】The hardness treatment of mould steel is also very important. The hardness of the material used in the thin-walled lunch box mould reaches more than 50 degrees. The mould steel adopts a vacuum quenching process to achieve hardness.
【mould life】The life of the thin-walled lunch box mould is determined by the material. Generally, H13 or S136 can reach more than 1 million shots.
【mould transportation method】Before the thin-walled lunch box mould is shipped, the surface of the mould will be treated with anti-rust material, and the mould will be locked with a safety lock, and then wrapped in film.
【mould production delivery time】The delivery time of small and medium-sized moulds is about 45-65 days.
The above is a brief introduce of Dunhai mould Factory's production of thin-walled lunch box moulds. Welcome to inquire.

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