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Blow plastic molds are a critical component of the blow plastic molding process. These molds are precision-engineered structures made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, designed to withstand the high pressures and temperatures involved in the molding process. They play a pivotal role in shaping the molten plastic material and determining the final characteristics of the produced plastic products. The blow plastic mold process can be divided into two main methods: extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. In extrusion blow molding, a continuous tube of molten plastic, known as a parison, is extruded vertically downwards. The mold closes around the parison, and compressed air is injected, causing the plastic to expand and conform to the shape of the mold. This method is commonly used for manufacturing bottles and containers of various sizes. On the other hand, injection blow molding combines elements of both injection molding and blow molding. The process begins with the injection of molten plastic into a preform mold, resulting in a solid preform with a neck finish. The preform is then transferred to a blow mold, where it is expanded and shaped by applying compressed air.

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