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Our company mainly customizes the production of various types of plastic pallet moulds . Now, I will explain the production process of plastic pallet moulds in detail:
【mould steel】Plastic pallet mould steels are generally ordered from mould steel factories according to customers’ requirements. The mould steels are distributed according to the mould structure: the mould base is basically made of 45# steel, and the cavity fixing plate and the core fixing plate are basically used P20 steel. There are also customers who require 718H steel, the inserts are all 718H steel, and the plastic pallet mould steel pipe core pulling uses materials above 718.
【mould design software】The company uses UG, CAD, PRO/E and mouldflow etc . Among them, mouldflow is an necessary software. Only by analyzing the runner layout of the product can the injection moulding of the plastic pallet mould be accurate and uniform. The layout is good for production.
【mould processing equipment】Mainly are: radial drilling machine, flying knife grinder, gantry CNC milling, engraving machine, deep hole drilling machine tool, EDM machine tool, Haitian injection moulding machine for mould trial. The injection moulding machine for plastic pallet moulds need 1800 tons to 3000 tons machine.
【mould ejection system】The mould ejector pins must be made of SKD61 high-quality material. The ejection of the plastic pallet mould needs to be connected with the ejection structure of injection machine  so that the mould can back easily after eject out , and an electronic limit switch needs to be added to ensure the normal production of the mould.
【mould cooling system】For plastic pallet moulds, the cooling quality of the mould determines the output of the plastic pallet mould and therefore the unit price of the product.
【mould gate system】For a product, the position and quantity of the gate should be considered first, especially for plastic pallet moulds. The product is large and has many hot runner points, so the layout is very important. It needs the experience of the mould company and mouldflow's accurate analysis to avoid injection moulding defects.
【mould Air Vent System】mould air vent is also very important. If the air vent don't make good, it is easy to have poor air vent, especially for tray moulds. Because the number of mould points is large, there will be many fusion wiring positions, so air vent is very important.
【mould steel hardness treatment】The hardness treatment of mould steel is very important too. Because this is directly related to the mould life . For example, the steel pipe of the pallet mould needs nitrogen treatment to increase its hardness to about 40 degrees. And the analysis surface of the mould needs laser quenching. The depth of hardness is 2mm, and the surface can reach about 50 degrees.
【mould life】The life of the pallet mould depends on the  mould steel. Generally, the hardness of P20 is about 25 degrees and the life of this mould is basically 200,000 shots , while the hardness of 718 material is about 30 degrees and the mould life of this material is basically at 400,000 shots. The better the material, the longer the mould life.
【mould transportation method】Before the mould is shipped, the surface of the mould will be rust-proof, and the mould will be locked with a safety lock, and then wrapped in film. The pallet mould is shipped in a special way, and the oil cylinder and slide block chute of the tray mould need to be removed so as to reduce the volume and cost of customer’s transportation.
【mould production delivery time】The delivery time of small and medium-sized moulds is about 45 days, but the injection tray mould is large and the delivery time is generally 95-110 days.
The above is a simple introduction of injection pallet moulds production of Dunhai mould Factory. Welcome to inquire.

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